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Accounting services

At the end of the balance year even small details will be in order

Accounting services with decade of experience.


Personal service

As our customer you will get a personal accounting expert, who is responsible for your company accounting and who will also answer to all your daily questions related to accounting. We save your time and deliver monthly electronic tax declarations on behalf of you to the tax department. Your personal accounting expert is responsible for delivering declaration in time. This is included in price of a accounting service.

Monthly reports

Your personal accountant will deliver monthly financial statements for you. Service could be described as “reports for a management”, numbers from these reports will help you in decision making. For example you can see how profitable your business is. Your accountant will help you to understand meaning of financial statements if needed. From our point of view reports and advising is a necessary part of service and therefore are included in price of accounting service. All monthly documents will be delivered to you in pdf-format.

Notes with financial statement

We deliver financial statement for you with notes made by our experts. With notes we point you things that need attention and recommend to take some actions for changes. This process helps to fix things towards the end of the financial year, and finally annual financial statement and tax department approval.

Documents online

By request we offer documents available online, so ask if needed. Service offers access to your book-keeping documents online anytime and anywhere where Internet connection is available.

For example if you need some documents, such as warranty check, you can get it anytime and anywhere by yourself.

Financial year

At the end of financial year we produce annual balance statement and deliver income tax-declaration to taxation office. These services are invoiced additionally based on hourly rates.

Progressive pricing

Pricing of our accounting services is based on amount of accounting entries. In practice this means if you deliver to us about 90 checks and receipts with VAT there will be approximately 270 accounting entries. With about 270 accounting entries your monthly invoice will be something around 598 €.

Features and services included in price of accounting
Additionally invoiced features
What we expect from you?


Contact us, or continue reading about audit preparations service.

Audit preparations – Get better credit rating

At the end of financial year we make final financial statement and organize audit related tasks for our accounting customers. If your company don’t have auditor yet, we can help to choose one from our contact network. Before audit you will get consultations on things that have to be fixed to pass successfully auditing. When everything is prepared, we will deliver your documents to the auditor. To prevent misunderstandings we handle communication with auditor, so you don’t have to worry about professional terms.

After audit you will receive auditor’s report and list of fixes need to be done, if there is any. Usually our regular process to fix things during the financial year minimizes fixes need to be done after audit.

Audition isn’t required for every company but it is recommended, because it may increase your company credit rating. Better credit rating helps you to get financing.


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