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PK Economics

Consultation for business registration in Finland as a service

Legal services

Company registration services and help to start a new company, mainly B2B

Our service helps you with a registration process. Simplifying, we will fill in registration forms for you, using best practices. We will also deliver forms for the registration. You will get a business ID-code (same as VAT-code) in 1 week. Our service does not require your presence in Finland – everything can be handled by e-mail.


Suitable company form for subsidiary or non-residents

LLC, Limited Liability Company (Oy, Osakeyhtiö)

In Finland, the Limited Company (in Finnish: osakeyhtiö, “Oy”) is the most common form of company. It is usually a best choice for big enterprises as well as for small and medium-sized undertakings.

Requirements for Limited Liability Company

*For Finnish residents, with a social security number (henkilötunnus), and Finnish electronic banking identification.

Our service includes

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