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Frequently asked questions

Instructions to clients.

What materials must be delivered?

You need to deliver to us the following bookkeeping materials from the previous month:

Documents of the month have to be delivered at the latest during 10th day of the month ( for example April’s documents have to be delivered 10.5 etc.)

Documents that are related to the payroll computation have to be delivered not later than one week before date of payment.
Documents that have to be delivered:

How can I save in bookkeeping costs?

If you have an account at Norde Bank, we can connect your bank account to our book-keeping program directly. This gives us opportunity to take bank statements behalf your company in the right form.

Where I deliver documents?

The materials can be delivered by e-mail in pdf form or you can book an appointment to deliver material to our office. Also you can send material by post to the address  PK Economics Oy, Kirvesmiehenkatu 2E LT4, 00880 HELSINKI.

Change of ownership in limited liability company?

In the limited liability company the exchange of the ownership does not have to be registered. The company up keeps the” shareholders’ register” itself. When ownership of the company changes the following must be made

Change in the board of directors? (LLC, limited liability company)

All changes in a board of directors must be registered to Finnish Patent and Registration Office, instructions can be found here. Our company can help you with the registration.

What is Katso Identification?

The Katso system is offered to users by the Finnish Tax Administration. It is designed for corporate taxpayers to facilitate secure sign-in in order to start using electronically provided services. Thus, to identify itself online, a corporate taxpayer should have a Katso ID. The Katso ID is free of charge. With Katso ID you can give an authorization to an accounting firm to act on behalf of your company.

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